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  • Surf the Atlantic & Relax on the Sea

    Porta del Sol is unique since it offers Caribbean Sea side beaches as well as the best surfing Atlantic Ocean waters in the Caribbean, the west coast is the main island’s best beach region.

Surfing, SEAclusion & Sensational Sunsets

Come to Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico; a place where the pace is slower, filled with fun, adventure, and serene beaches in protected wildlife areas. Spend your entire vacation on the west coast or come visit for a day, Porta del Sol is only 2.5 hours away from San Juan. Visit our charming elegant towns with European flare, if you love the beach, you’re in for a nice surprise and adventure, there is a beach for every type of traveler in Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico. It will take you a few weeks to explore all the beaches and you’ll be amazed at how diverse and unique they all are.

Gorgeous sunset in Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico

On the northwest side of the island surfers come to Rincon and Isabela  to catch the waves on the Atlantic side. There are various surfing beaches good for beginners and others for the more experienced, no other island on the Caribbean offers such a variety of surfing beaches.

For a real unforgettable scuba diving and snorkeling experience then book a tour to Mona Island  or Desecheo Island, two of the offshore uninhabited islands of Puerto Rico  where you can explore a colorful and healthy underwater world. Boaters and sailors love Porta del Sol for it’s protected coves, and excellent fishing conditions when you can relax totally embraced by nature and free of crowds.

Porta del Sol is the home to National Wildlife Refuges where you can enjoy bird watching, hiking, cycling, swim or kayak through healthy mangrove systems and beach coves you’ll most likely have to yourself on weekdays.

Snorkeling and Relaxing at the Caribbean beaches of Porta del Sol, Puerto RicoOne of the refuges is the Guanica State Forest, a Biosphere Reserve where you can hike, or take a scenic drive through the subtropical forest and roads along the coast with spectacular Caribbean Sea views. The town of Cabo Rojo new-window has about 2,000 acres of wildlife refuge which include the Salt Flats where you can enjoy an interpretative tour.

Colorful reddish and orange sunsets are a show every afternoon of the year and anyone that has visited the west would agree. There are many Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Small Inns, Paradores and vacation rentals ranging from budget to luxury resorts chosen by many A-List Celebrities. Porta del Sol Puerto Rico.com will provide you valuable unbiased information on attractions, things to do and we will post objective reviews written by us and people like you on places to stay, restaurants and services for the traveler.

You may find yourself looking for real estate in order to make Porta del Sol, Puerto Rico your second home. United States citizens can travel to Puerto Rico without a passport and daily flights are available from the airport of Aguadilla to major cities of the US. The west coast of Puerto Rico was recently ranked among the top best coastal destinations by National Geographic.

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